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Welcome to Best Body2Body Massage Specialist in Southampton.

Our friendly team of masseuses are totally passionate about sensual Body to Body Massage in Southampton!


All staffs are Lovely Japanese, Korean, Chinese masseuses professionally qualified, insured and undergo comprehensive trials and training before working with us. We believe in personal touch! So our masseuse will get to know you personally, to help understand your preferences and individual requirements better. The therapist will treat you will have high quality branded oils, and playing relaxation music while session begins.

Located at few walking minutes away from central Southampton City,  we are pleased to announce the opening of our sensual relaxing body2body massage in Southampton.

Modern Tantra Massage offer the finest incall / outcall tantric and sensual massage services in Southampton. We provide a caring and loving environment that makes you feel connected with the world around you.

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Our tantric massage and sensual massage will give you a loving touch that others not able to. This special touch helps serenade your sense and relax your body, all the while awakening the spiral life force within you, known as your sexual energy. Tantric massage are practically a ritual or ceremony that acknowledges and commemorates the amazing human being  you are. Through relaxation, this ceremony makes your body susceptible to the amazing touch and pleasure provided by our tantric massage goddess.

Our tantric massage is a sensual massage derived from the teachings of tantric that allows the user to attain peace, tranquility and obviously, pleasure. A Tantric massage relaxes the body and lets the mind wander off on its own into subliminal bliss. A Tantric massage is aimed at providing the mind with the rest it needs, the body with the healing it needs and the soul with the energy it requires.

The final fusion results in reduced tension and stress, the release of built up emotions, better blood flow, lower blood pressure, mental healing and better ejaculatory control


The Tantric massage itself is a mind-blowing and ecstatic experience that entices the mind and heightens the senses. Once heightened, it sends them on a roller coaster ride they and you will never forget.

Once your true senses have been awakened, the following teasing will really set you off. A Tantric massage however will never be over as soon as you may think. The whole purpose is to give you pleasure rather than making you have an orgasm. The teasing is all part of the massage and absolutely essential.

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